Friday, June 10, 2005

Back Again.

Well, I doubt if I’ve ever been more hopeless in my life. Here’s what happened:

The nurse called and left a message for me to trigger Wednesday night. I freaked out. Called D who calmed me down, insisted I make arrangements to speak with the doctor even if it meant leaving my afternoon meetings. I called the clinic back, the nurse explained that my doctor was out of the office and I explained to her my frustration. She suggested that I go ahead with the IUI since that does increase the odds, otherwise I could just try timed intercourse – which would mean triggering anyway or using an opk. But the gist was that you don’t want to waste the 19mm follicle. So I resigned myself to throwing yet more money after bad. What’s another $500 at this point for the monitoring fee and semen wash? Even if I’m bitter because I think I should’ve been taking smaller doses of bravelle.

I then had to arrange to pick up the ovidrel at a local pharmacy since I hadn’t yet ordered it from Freedom for mail delivery. (It was only day 7! I swear I had planned to order the hcg and more needles and a new sharps disposal that day.) Fortunately there’s a great pharmacy on my way home, but unfortunately my insurance won’t cover ovidrel unless I order it through the mail. WTF? So add an extra $25 penalty for my shortsightedness.

Later that night I tried to get D to have sex, but he was too tired from his gym workout. It was only Thursday morning when I thought to wonder about how long it had been since he last let his juices flow - Sunday night, making it 4 ½ days before IUI. My clinic recommends not abstaining for more than 4-5 days before insemination. I don’t know what you would do, but I opted for sex last night (less than 12 hours before his appt.) figuring that since his numbers are always good it’d be unlikely that his sample would be sub-par, and that I’d also have the bonus of another platoon of soldiers in the field working for us.

And the IUI went fine this morning. His sample was still great – 187 million post-wash, 92% motility, the nurse performing the IUI said my lining was fine and that I should have faith in the doctor. That, I guess, the 13mm follicle on the day 3 ultrasound wasn’t a cyst at all (I can’t remember if I assumed it was a cyst or if the doc that day used the word. I don’t think she did). Also, the nurse said today that I should avoid swimming and baths and no exercise for the next 2 weeks. I guess my trip to Hawaii wasn’t very conducive to getting pregnant. I start the progesterone again on Sunday morning and report back on 6/24 for a pregnancy test. The 2-week wait is here again and I swear I was just here.


Blogger Susie said...

Man, this cycle's going fast.

Try not to worry too much. That was a nice big follicle and your husband's contribution was stellar.

Good luck, good luck, good luck!!!


June 10, 2005 2:43 PM  
Anonymous Jen said...

Good luck! Let's hope a fast cycle brings good things...

June 10, 2005 3:11 PM  
Blogger Larisa said...

Wow...that was fast. Good luck...I hope it turns out well.

June 10, 2005 6:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just had my 4th IUI this morning and am also beginning my 2ww (again).... it is so hard.... my pregnancy test will also be on the 24th. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

June 10, 2005 7:55 PM  
Blogger Mony said...

I hope the 2ww is swift and not too agonising (as if it ever is!) Does time ever drag by soooo slowly as it does during the 2ww?
You have covered all bases, good on you! I will hang out here with you over the next fortnight & look forwrad to some incredibly happy news soon!

June 11, 2005 6:08 AM  
Blogger Chee Chee said...

Good luck to you! I'm sending positive thoughts your way!

June 11, 2005 9:38 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

Holy early maturing follicles, Batman! When you want to get something done, you don't fool around. Good luck!

June 11, 2005 4:03 PM  
Anonymous P. said...

Hope your 2WW goes by fast! Thinking about you.

June 14, 2005 11:22 AM  
Blogger Millie said...

Wishing you great luck and a swiftly passing 2ww.

June 14, 2005 2:03 PM  
Blogger wessel said...

I hope that little egglet is the one, and you never have to go through this again. But . . . if not, and you find yourself in this situation in the future, I will tell you how I dealt with dominant follicles. Dominant follicles are a common nuisance, and usually the doctor becomes a slave to the big guy, letting it dictate how the entire cycle goes. But there is another way. If I knew that I had a gaggle of smaller follicles coming up, but that they would not be able to catch up to the dominant follicle before it ovulated, then what we would do is take Antagon when the dominant follicle reached approximately 13mm in size. I took Antagon daily in order to prevent the big guy from ovulating. Basically, we just let him grow and grow into a big old monster, and we ignored him. We "sacrificed" him, in order to be able to let the smaller group of follicles continue to grow, unthreatened by a premature ovulation by big guy. Then, when the smaller follicles were mature, we would trigger. And yes, the dominant follicle was, by then, WAY overcooked. But who cared? We traded in one dominant follicle for a whole group of mature follicles.

The only argument against doing this is that some docs feel that the dominant follicle might be the best egg, but that is not necessarily true and there is no way to know that.

Just a bit of advice from an old-timer! Hope you never need it. :-)

June 14, 2005 2:34 PM  
Blogger Pamplemousse said...

Good luck, mellie! Try and stay sane - only 10 days till the 24th!

June 14, 2005 3:16 PM  

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