Monday, June 06, 2005

Spring Training in the Summer

I went in on Saturday morning for all that fun day 3 stuff. And for once, I wrote down all my information when they called with the instructions:

13mm cyst right ovary
E2: 65
FSH: 4.8
LH: 25

As opposed to last cycle, the 13mm left over follicle is nothing. And after using Dr. Google’s services, I feel pretty good about my bloodwork numbers. My doc always said that my ovarian reserve was fine, so I suppose it’s good to know it still appears to be. Of course, it doesn’t help at all to alleviate the frustration that comes from not getting pregnant even though all signs say you should.

Internal Spring’s post today has inspired me to come up with my own training plan. Spring training may have ended for baseball players in March, but there’s still time to get in the groove before the All-Star break. Herewith then are my top list of things I want to work on and I’m giving myself a deadline of July 12, the date of the All-Star Game.


I put my gym membership on hold before the holidays in December, since between traveling the last 2 weeks of December and having the laparoscopy in January I knew I wouldn’t be making it there frequently. I did get into the habit of doing pilates at home for awhile, but since attending the class on injectibles where they said to lay-off the exercising, I’ve been blowing it off completely.

Personally, I hate exercising. I’ve never really gotten that “boost” that comes from a great workout – I just don’t feel guilty for not going. But a few weeks ago I walked home from 86th Street (about a 30 minute walk) and I couldn’t believe how sore my legs were, or how easily I got out of breath. I need to do SOMETHING to get back in shape.


I had gone for acupuncture for almost 8 months last year, but was never really sure if it was doing anything for me. Once I started seeing my RE I stopped going, partly due to finances, and partly due to the convenience of not having another bi-weekly appointment. But if I am going to end up doing IVF, I want to be undergoing acupuncture treatment since the studies seem to indicate it helps (and I certainly don’t think it would hurt). I liked my acupuncturist, but would rather find someone more geographically convenient to work or home, and someone that isn’t outrageously expensive.

I think, for practicality’s sake, I better stop there. It’s five weeks away and I don’t want to set myself up for failure. Because besides these tasks, I have a multitude of things I need to do regarding moving into our new apartment (knock on wood). Assuming that we get approved by the co-op board, I then get to concentrate on accumulating all the paperwork needed for the closing, not to mention hiring a mover, finding a painter and maybe a floor refinisher and buying new furniture.

With the stress of buying an apartment, moving, and undergoing the infertility treatments, perhaps it isn’t any wonder that I’m not pregnant? Perhaps a regimented spring training plan for the start of summer will help me feel in control.


Blogger penelope said...

it's a good plan. My acupuncturist suggests going well in advance of a cycle to prepare the body - I think she said a few months would be good. best of luck!

June 06, 2005 9:29 PM  
Blogger Internal Spring said...

I'm blushing. You're inspiring me right back training buddy.

June 07, 2005 9:34 PM  

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