Wednesday, August 02, 2006


This is my 100th post. I’m not as prolific as many bloggers out there, so to have written 100 times about me – and to have people respond to these posts that many times, is something worth noting. Not necessarily an achievement – but monumental to me nonetheless.

And even more monumental is that this week I am officially 14 weeks pregnant – officially in the second trimester. The nausea has subsided somewhat. The breasts and belly have grown. I think some of the fear has dissipated, while the anticipation is heightened. But most thankfully, the happiness continues.

I shared the news with everyone at work last week, and all were really congratulatory and happy for me. It was even kind of fun to do. I liked walking into people’s offices and saying “I have news” – watching their faces expect me to say that I was quitting, and then being relieved and happy when I’d say that I am pregnant. I did feel the need to tell everyone “this was a long time coming” and if they wanted more details I explained that we did IVF.

But all in all, since the bleeding scare, things are good. I had a very brief OB appt. last week, had another ultrasound and saw the baby and the beating heart.

And even better, D has been in a good mood these past few weeks. Not any more excited or involved with the pregnancy, but so much happier overall and therefore fun to be around again. It’s been great.

I’ve kept a diary in some form or other since I was in 8th grade. A little over a year ago, this blog became my latest version. And whenever I go back and reread my entries (which I love to do), it becomes abundantly clear that I write more when I’m depressed and stressed and disappointed than when I’m happy. So, from now on, if you don’t hear from me for awhile, assume that NBHH. I promise to keep you informed of all the milestones we hit along the way.