Thursday, December 15, 2005

Gearing Up

As the year winds down, I’m winding up for my next attempt at conquering infertility – IVF. It still seems a ways off, but considering I’ve spent the last 36 (documented by cycles waiting, 1 ½ more shouldn’t be a big deal.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to prepare:

1. As of January 1, 2006 I will be covered by two different health insurance plans. Of course, they both happen to be Empire Blue Cross PPO plans – but I’m feeling optimistic that much of the financial costs of the IVF cycle will be reimbursed. Granted, I’m sure I’m setting myself up for a marathon swim through red tape, but I think I’m well prepared for that.

2. Next Tuesday I’m signed up for the IVF class at my clinic. I’m supposing that, (like when I began injectible IUI’s) it is at that meeting where I will get my lovely packet with my protocol listed and all the prescription slips I’ll need. At this point it even appears that D. will be able to join me at the class. I think attending it will make it seem all the more imminent and real. That’s a good thing.

3. I found a licensed acupuncturist in my neighborhood that seems to follow the tenets of Randine Lewis, which makes me hopeful. I’ve been instructed to find out if my clinic will allow her to come to the hospital to perform acupuncture both before and after the transfer, as apparently, that is the recommended TCM protocol for IVF.
So, that leaves me in the usual spot: waiting. Today is cd17 and I finally got a peak reading on my clear plan monitor today. I’ll have sex tonight, hoping that 3 sessions of acupuncture were all I needed to conceive instead of the drugs and needles and ART. But deep inside I know I need more help and that I just have to wait a little longer.